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If anyone knows what joie de vivre is, then it is our farm animals. Every day, with their cheerful nature, they conjure up a smile on the faces of young and old alike.
With a sponsorship you support the annual financial upkeep, which enables us to ensure that our animals are among the happiest far and wide.

dwarf goat



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Annual sponsorship for a dwarf goat CHF 80.-
annual sponsorship  Alpaca CHF 80.-
annual sponsorship  Chickens CHF 80.-*
* With the chickens, all chickens are included in a sponsorship.

What do I get in return

  • Personal sponsorship certificate as PDF via Whatsapp
  • Wooden plaque engraved with the name of the godparent
    on the wooden wall at the animal hut / animal shelter
  • CHF 1 reduction on animal feed (on site)
  • Visit the animals on the farm at any time

Register as a sponsor - this is how it works

  • Choose your favorite animal below
  • Send information about the sponsor and the name of the selected animal via Whatsapp (079 569 78 69 - Pirmin Gisler)
  • Payment of the sponsorship via Twint on 079 569 78 69
    or IBAN: CH200024824811353340B, UBS, Pirmin Gisler
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