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We welcome you to our camping barrel on a wonderful plateau above Küssnacht am Rigi. A stay is guaranteed to leave you with wonderful memories. The views of Lake Lucerne, Mount Pilatus or even up to Mount Rigi are impressive and breathtaking.
You are also surrounded by our lovely alpacas, pygmy goats, chickens and cows.
So that you don't have to take anything with you when camping, we have already equipped the camping barrel with important inventory.
The reservation, payment and arrival and departure is also very easy and uncomplicated. You can find more details below.
We wish you a lot of fun and an exciting, eventful and unforgettable stay.

That awaits you

  • Camping barrel for 1 - 3 people
  • Balcony in front of the camping barrel for 4 people
  • Fully equipped: 3 mattresses, 1 inflatable mattress for a fourth person, coffee machine, heating, plates, cutlery, bottle opener, corkscrew, can opener, mugs, blankets, pillows and much more
  • Free water and electricity
  • Toilet and shower with hot water
  • Various soft drinks and snacks at our nearby courtyard counter
  • Gas grill for cooking / grilling
  • sun loungers
  • Various food cans for a delicious meal
  • Car parking space 50 meters away


Move-in / Departure

  • Available no earlier than 2:00 p.m. on the day of the overnight stay.
  • On the day of departure, the camping barrel must be vacated by 11:00 a.m. at the latest.


  • The price is CHF 120 per night (whether for 1 or 3 people)
  • Amount is payable via TWINT to 079 569 78 69
  • For cash payments, the slush fund at the courtyard counter below the hill is to be used.

behaviour rules

  • No evening noise
  • No leaving litter on the land and in the camping barrel
  • Leave the camping barrel neat and tidy
  • Dogs are allowed (on a leash)

Safety & Liability

  • Each person is responsible for their own safety and valuables
  • We reject any liability in the event of an accident or theft
  • In the event of grossly negligent damage to the material, the costs will be charged
Location camping barrel Küssnacht
The exact location for the camping barrel can be found below or at
Menu item "Contact / Location".

Reservation / Booking

  • Click on the "Request booking" button on the calendar below (button is at the end of the calendar month) and fill in the information. You will immediately receive a booking confirmation email. Reserved appointments are also considered booked appointments.
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