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MEAT (beef)

Since the beginning of 2020 we have had different animals on our idyllic farm on the Stadelmatt in Küsssnacht. In addition to our farm cat Sunny, 15 chickens and 4 circus-ready dwarf goats, we keep 8 suckler cows. The cattle of the suckler cows grow up in a wonderful environment with the best grass, hay and silo feed. Loving and species-appropriate care complete the life of the animals until their twilight years. We are happy to pass on the delicious beef directly to our customers for conscious enjoyment.

Collection - this is how it works

  • You come to our farm (preferably with a cool box), decide on the desired cuts of meat and
    pay in cash or with Twint.

    All cuts of meat are available individually.
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pieces of meat

* Entrecote *
* hip *
* high back *
* Cookies à la minute *
* fillet *
* minced meat *
* Shredded *
* ragout / starter *
* Saftplätzli *
* knuckles *
* Roast meat *
* boiled meat *
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